Works and Accomplishments by Individuals Using RPM
(As of June 2017)

RPM in the News (Television)

60 Minutes News Segment on Soma and Tito Mukhopadhyay, Dov and Portia Iverson (Jan. 14, 2003)- (video), (text)

Giving a Voice to Autism’s Voiceless, Channel 11 Atlanta (Dec. 29, 2015)- http://www.

Rapid Prompting Method Helps People with Autism Communicate, Channel 2 Buffalo, NY (Mar. 2, 2016)- method-helps-people-with-autism-communicate/64258012

Autistic Teen Uses Tech to Break Silence: “I Escaped My Prison.” Channel 4 Los Angeles (Apr. 26, 2013)-

Finding Mike- Boy with Autism Wins 4th Place at State Science Fair. KEYE TV Austin-

Non-verbal teen with autism gives graduation address at school, Channel 7 Los Angeles (Jun. 6, 2014)-

Brilliance of Autistic Teen Set Free by New Device, Staten Island Live (May 16, 2017)-

An Autistic Boy Regains His Voice One Letter and a Time, Oregon Live (Apr. 30, 2016)-

Rapid Prompting Method Helps Boy With Autism Communicate, Channel 6 Waukesha, WI (Jun. 30, 2013)-

Poetry Opens Up New World for Woman with Autism, CBS Minnesota (Nov. 24, 2016)-http://

RPM in the News (Print)

A Boy, a Mother And a Rare Map Of Autism's World. New York Times (Nov. 19, 2002)-

Boy Sheds Light on Autism Mysteries. ABC News (Jan. 16)-

Mind Tree Poems. National Geographic. (March 2005)- ngm/0503/feature1/online_extra.html

Autistic poet gives rare glimpse into mystery illness. CNN (Mar. 28, 2008)- 2008/US/03/28/Tito.autism/index.html

In the 'silent prison' of autism, Ido speaks out. Los Angeles Times (Dec. 21, 2013)-

I Taught Myself to Read When I Was Two, But No One Knew Until I Started RPM, The Irish Times (Jan. 31, 2017)- read-when-i-was-two-but-no-one-knew-until-i-started-rpm-1.2950818

I Want to Show Someone Who Can’t Speak Thinks Many Thoughts, Understands Everything, The Journal, Ireland (May 12, 2017)- someone-who-cant-speak-thinks-many-thoughts-understands-everything-3280781-Mar2017/

Brilliance of Autistic Teen Set Free by New Device, Staten Island Live (May 24, 2017)- http://

This nonspeaking teenage wrote an incredibly profound letter explaining autism, The Washington Post (May 19, 2016)- 2016/05/19/this-non-speaking-teen-wrote-an-incredibly-profound-letter-to-police-about-autism/? utm_term=.28f6aa406481

Communication device opens up world to nonverbal autistic boy, The Buffalo News (Dec. 2, 2015)- nonverbal-autistic-boy/

Rapid Prompting Method helps people with autism communicate. The Journal Times, Wisconsin (May 12, 2015)- method-helps-people-with-autism-communicate/article_2564a8e0-5cef-5583- bc15-6a0691362a53.html

California Lutheran, CSU Channel Islands among colleges welcoming more students with autism. Ventura County Star (Dec. 14, 2015) schoolwatch/california-lutheran-csu-channel-islands-among-colleges-welcoming-more-students- with-autism-26164776--361966501.html

Standard tests underestimate nonverbal children with autism. Spectrum News (April 14, 2015)-

RPM, the Life-Changing Method that Helped My Non-Verbal Son to “Talk.” Parents (Mar. 31, 2015)- method-that-helped-my-non-verbal-son-to-talk/

Why Standardized Tests Fail to Gauge Intelligence in People on the Spectrum. The Autism Site (2015)-

Once Shut in by Autism, Photographer Shares World Through Camera Lens. Quirksee (Sept. 3, 2013) method/

The Therapy That Unlocked the Voice of an 11 Year Old with Autism. Age of Autism (Oct. 28, 2015)- old-with-autism.html

Mum Adrienne Murphy on the life-changing technique that allowed her non-verbal son to communicate. Independent, Ireland (Apr. 11, 2017)- wellbeing/mum-adrienne-murphy-on-the-lifechanging-technique-that-allowed-her-nonverbal- son-to-communicate-35608300.html

Mayo Parents Free the Minds of Their Autistic Children. The Connaught (Ireland). (Mar. 9, 2015)- free-the-minds-of-their-autistic-children

This Non-Verbal Jewish Teen Wrote a Breathtaking Letter Explaining Autism. Kveller (May 19, 2016)- explaining-autism/? utm_content=buffer00eb8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=kvellerfacebook&utm_campaign= buffer

Interview with Interesting Jews: Ido Kedar, 17-Year-Old Author of “Ido in Autismland.” Kveller (Dec. 3, 2013)- author-of-ido-in-autismland/

Heartfelt Poem by Chris Finnes to his mother, Sue. Autism Eye (Autumn 2016). https:// (scroll to 3rd panel of Autumn 2016 issue- 3rd from the bottom)

RPM Videos

RPM - how it's helping non-verbal autistic children- v=6c05Qq5WQew

Apple's new short film starring autistic teen shows how tech transforms lives (April 2, 2016)-

Sue and Christopher Finnes YouTube Channel (UK)- UCMtrorkbUiDMIwvY2-W5GhQ

I Think About The Truth It Reveals (5 min documentary on photographer Forrest Sargent who uses RPM)-

My Name is Sydney (short documentary 2011 of girl who uses RPM)- 20558863

Joey Lowenstein - Changing the World of Autism with RPM Rapid Prompting Method by SOMA-

NonVerbal Autism Mom Channel (Mom and son Andrew doing RPM)- channel/UCp_S4CBvosgjei0JnpCnHRw

Philip Reyes (RPM User) Video Page- m=0

Rhema’s Testimony-

I Am Intelligent. The Golden Hat Foundation.

The Power of Words. (Sept. 2014).

The 100 Years Project: Talk to Me (Tito speaking 2016). bFrbp7Yn2o

SPECTRUM: A Story of the Mind. PBS (Segment with Tito 2015). spectrumthefilm

Jordyn’s Rocky Journey: Visions of an Autistic Boy. (short documentary March 2017). https:// 

Books written by or featuring RPM users

Tito Mukhopadhyay- The Mind Tree (2007), The Gold of the Sunbeams (2011), How Can I Talk if My Lips Don’t Move (2011), I’m Not a Poet, but I Write Poetry (2012), Plankton Dreams (2015)

Ido Kedar- Ido in Autismland (2012) s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496431751&sr=1-1&keywords=ido+in+autismland

Danson Wambua- Danson (2009) ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496431812&sr=1-1&keywords=Danson+wambua

Elizabeth Bonker- I Am in Here: The Journey of a Child with Autism Who Cannot Speak but Finds Her Voice (2011)

Diego Pena- Anatomy of Autism: Pocket Guide for Educators, Parents, and Students (2017) ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496431861&sr=1-1&keywords=Diego+pena

Matteo Musso- Handbook of Us: Understanding and Accepting People with Autism (2017)

The Golden Hat: Talking Back to Autism (2012) s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496431954&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Golden+Hat

Typed Words, Loud Voices (2015) s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1496432009&sr=1-1&keywords=Typed+Words+loud+voices


Movies Featuring RPM

A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism (2010) ref=sr_1_1?s=movies- tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1496432105&sr=1-1&keywords=A+Mother%27s+courag


Blogs and Websites by Autistic Individuals Using RPM

Ido in Autismland by Ido Kedar-, IdoInAutismland/

Faith, Hope, and Love With Autism by Philip,

Hear Me Speak Without a Voice- Now My Wants Are Being Heard by Kaylie Clinton-,

Jordyn’s Rocky Journey by Jordyn Pallett-,

RPM With Coco by Coco Aysseh-

Silent E’s Voice by Austin McLendon-

Fox Talks With Letters by Fox Bailey-

Life With a Boy Named Brayden by Brayden Morrison-

Niko Boskovic’s Blog-

Forrest Sargent-,

Dare to Listen by Graciela L-

Sinking Into Popular Thoughts by Rohit-

Opinions Learned from RPM and Autism by Ann-

Typing 4 Change by Dillan Barmarche-

Emma’s Hope Book by Emma Zurcher-Long-

Pedaling With Teo-

Cindi’s Blog-

Matteo’s Loving Blog-

Danson’s Discoveries by Danson Wambua-

Roses are Red for Autism by Henry-

The Diverse Appearance of Autism by Paul Kotler-

My Blog on Autism by Huan Vuong-

Jeremy’s Vision by Jeremy Sicile-Kira-

RPM is my Lifeline by Kaegan Smith-

Autism Astronaut by Sameer Dahar-

Rishi’s Voice by Rishi Jena-


Blogs by Parent/Teacher and Autistic Individuals Using RPM

Rhema’s Hope-

I Am in My Head-

Listen to the Mustn’ts-

Joey Lowenstein’s Blog-

Harris Family Blogspot for Autism, RPM, and More!-

Returning James-

Takes A Town: Love Through Autism-

Devon’s Journey-

HEED RPM Blog by Lenae Crandall-


Public Facebook Pages (not associated with a separate blog)

Luke B.- Different Not Less- B-767522333414661/

Bella’s Walk-

Ben B.- My Own Words: Reflections of a Non-Speaking Autistic- benbreauxautisticspeakshismind/

Autism Solution Pieces (Gavin and Mom Cindy Schultz)- cindy.schultz.5?fref=search


Articles by RPMers

My Story by Baxter Wilson-Rul- story-by-baxter-wilson-rul

I Believe by Will Schuetz- qi-believeq

Life with Autism by Michael Weinstein- golden-hat-foundation-blog-70211

Communication Makes All the Difference by Andrew Rhea- about-us/blog/114-golden-hat-foundation-blog-102910

Communication is Power by Philip Reyes- start=2

My Escape from Prison by Michael Keller- my-escape-from-prison-autism-awareness

Tito: Autism is My Destiny. The Art of Autism (Feb. 18, 2015)-

What’s it Like to Have Autism? Two Kids with Autism Answer! by Philip Reyes and Emma Zurcher-Long. Parents (2015)- whats-it-like-to-have-autism-two-kids-with-autism-answer/?socsrc=pmmfb1504218

A Letter to Writers About Autism by Philip Reyes. Disability in KidLit (Apr. 2015)- http://

Someone Asked My Son With Autism Why Eye Contact is Hard. This Was His Answer- by Philip Reyes. The Mighty (Jan. 2015)- people-with-autism/

My Voice is All Mine by Philip Reyes. ASAN (Apr. 2016)- http://


Research Articles

Harnessing repetitive behaviours to engage attention and learning in a novel therapy for autism: an exploratory analysis. Grace Chen et al. (Feb. 16, 2012). Frontiers in Psychology.

Occupational Therapy using Rapid Prompting Method: A Case Report. Victoria McQuiddy and Amy Moore Brennan (Feb. 29, 2016). Autism Open Access. token=AWzGgcqQTfRSTM8IbKP0OzNc3z5Yv-TgxLczeYe6M_vM- kudpmef4QXYEPxamRIELu1YrRChbzNfpGl2hl5k5L3Mu0FQ9WU5y5yoqO_78EUqD_Q6EOZE -QIeoeYepCoFJfs6BnkaOkt080pGU6IzH0BZ