Introductory Presentations

These workshops are designed to introduce parents, caregivers and professionals to RPM.  They consist of a 90 minute presentation featuring personal stories, an overview of RPM, video clips of RPM and Q&A. These presentations are free and open to the public.   

RPM Provider Workshops

These workshops bring the most highly trained practitioners in the U.S. to our local community several times a year.  Workshops give families the opportunity to have their student work one on one with an expert in RPM.  Students work with a practitioner for multiple sessions over several days.  Parents, caregivers and professionals are allowed to observe RPM sessions via a live feed.  Practitioners will lecture about RPM and offer a Q&A for all participants.  All workshop students receive a recording of their sessions.

Community Supports

We aim to foster continued growth of our RPM community by offering parent support groups and social outings for our families.  We also utilize Facebook to provide an online support group geared towards all things RPM.

“RPM gives me the opportunity to really learn. With help,
I can learn almost anything.”