Introductory Workshops

These workshops are designed to introduce parents, caregivers and professionals to RPM.  They consist of a 90 minute presentation on a Thursday evening and a 40 minute 1:1 RPM student session on the Saturday immediately following.  The presentation features personal stories, an overview of RPM, video clips of RPM and Q&A and is open to the public.  The workshop includes a 30 minute student session and 10 minutes of Q&A.  

*Please note that attending the presentation is a prerequisite to signing up a student for a workshop and subsequent RPM lessons.

**A private RPM Tutorial can be substituted for the presentation to start RPM lessons.  Contact us for details.

6-Week Introductory Session

Following attendance of the Workshop, caregivers are encouraged to sign up for a 6-week introductory session. Caregiver and student receive six 40-minute sessions which includes a 30 minute student lesson and 10 minutes Q&A/teaching. Caregivers will be present to observe each session to learn the implementation of RPM. Some sessions will be video recorded and shared for the caregivers personal reference (If permission granted). The focus is to empower parents with the tools to begin their own RPM program at home with their child.

Follow-Up Services

After students complete the 6-Week course, they may continue to enroll for sessions as needed.  We also offer video consults, school consults, and further trainings for parents and helpers.  The purpose of these are to keep growing skills and communication.  Contact us for more information.

Community Supports

We aim to foster continued growth through a community of support by offering parent support groups, social outings for families, and social media support through our closed Facebook group.


“RPM gives me the opportunity to really learn. With help,
I can learn almost anything.”